Tricks To Get More Engagement On Twitter

Everyone knows about Twitter, the fastest growing platform in social media. Most of the accounts are related to business deals, and they utilize this application to reach a business peak. Tweets generate brand awareness on your business and especially get more interaction with the audience. Everyone can register and open a twitter account to post with 140 characters. Almost 500 million tweets are shared per day by daily users, and they use this network to get regular updates.


If you want to get direct traffic for your website, add an URL in the middle of your regular tweets. It is a great way to gain more engagement and get retweeted up to 26%. This statics helps to create higher chances of retweets. 

Add Hashtags

Hashtags help to increase your retweets to get engagement. It is the correct time to add hashtags for your old posts. Not only for followers but hashtags aid also show your content for all. Your creative hashtags will attract a million users, and you can see the practical difference from usual posts. The maximum hashtag limit is one or two, and more hashtags give less than interaction from the audience. Retweets are affected by many hashtags per post. 

Direct message

A direct message is one of the best methods for campaigns on twitter. It will help to increase the click rate by up to 300%. The right way to get attraction from your followers and you must best practice for direct messages to skip some riskiness. If you don’t reply to their words, people will unfollow you. 

Characters limit

Suppose you follow limited characters, possible to get 117 percent of retweets. It is better than 6-7 characters with hashtags. Some lengthy hashtags give you an attractive tag for your posts, and you should check hashtag status frequently. More possibles to change alternative hashtags to reach a sufficient audience. 

Tweets with images

To use colorful images or GIFs are a great way to boost your engagement while posting. These types of related images get more visibility on twitter. Be sure that your image will show your content; it will help to increase your website traffic. And your attractive tweets with pictures or buy Twitter retweets get more interaction among followers. 

Put strong effort

Do you know that 15 percent of users unfollow some business accounts within a few weeks? Because they don’t put substantial efforts to get more engagement. Nowadays, people love funny posts, honest news, and asking questions directly; that helps avoid who unfollows your posts. In case users unfollow your account, you must know the details of why they did. Cleaning up the error quickly; if you think to save users’ valuable time, to post excellent, useful content.  


If you want to increase your retweets, your content should be in images with the only hashtag. You can place your URL in tweets and follow hashtag character rules that use more than 11 characters. Use the above tricks to help more visibility in the crowd and increase your website traffic. Boost your public interaction and get more followers to your brand on twitter.