5 Hidden Tactics To Increase Your Engagement Rate On TikTok

TikTok is a wonderful platform with plenty of benefits. People will say that TikTok is only for teens and twins. But, actually, it’s one of the best marketing tools for business people. Content is the king to achieve whatever goal on all other social media. When it comes to TikTok, along with content, you need to pour creativity skills on it. If you are good at your content strategy, then you boost your engagement rate. 

I think you all know that, like all other platforms, engagement rate plays a major role on TikTok. Remember, if you receive more likes, views, and comments, more people will see your video. 

In this article, you are going to visit certain tactics to skyrocket your engagement rate on TikTok.

Pay Attention To Quality Videos 

When you notice deeply, you can figure out one common thing on all viral videos. Yeah, it is high-quality. Blurry or low-quality videos have very little chance to get viral on TikTok. In contrast, high-resolution videos have more chances to get engaged with people. Moreover, it helps to increase TikTok followers count and gain audience attention. People prefer TikTok videos to be bright, attractive, with exciting content. The very first second of your video will decide whether it will get a view or not. 

Just pay attention to the quality camera or mobile phone to shoot your video. Next, set perfect lighting, with good sound quality. Before posting it on TikTok, ensure you have done proper editing. 

Let Your Audience Know Your Lives

Like all other social media, TikTok also allows people to do live streams. Usually, doing live videos will help you to connect with your audience closely. It will construct a strong community for your account. You can either share any updates of your business or ask questions to your audience during live. It is up to you. You can do anything with your audience. Even; you can share any live events of your business or popular events. Just like that, don’t start your live. Instead, tell your live in-advance with your audience. It will help to bring more audience for your live. Also, you can increase your engagement rate.  

Make Them To Re-Watch 

Making your audience pause your video is effective in increasing your engagement rate. Just appear in the text for a few seconds in your videos. It makes the audience pause the video and 

They will re-watch it to read the text correctly. Did you know?TikTok accepts re-play videos. And these types of videos will go viral on this platform. 

Even the audience may watch your video several times until they click at the right time. With the help of these simple tactics, you can get tons of engagement rates. 

Influence Your Audience To Share Your Video 

One effective way to enrich your engagement rate and gain organic reach is through a share button. Remember, at any moment, when people share your videos on other social media. Then, TikTok will value your profile with lots of engagement. So, it’s necessary to share your own video on other media. To increase your engagement, you can encourage your followers to share your videos. 

Participate On Trends & Challenge 

TikTok is all about trend, right, so you will see new challenges, trending videos every day.

Taking part in those trends and challenges will receive more engagement and views. It will give more exposure to your business.


Of course, TikTok is a new stage when compared with other social media apps. But, millions of people share the content. Just remember, to create engaging, but sacrifice the quality and must add value to it. It helps to hold your engagement rate for a more extended period. I hope this article helps you to bring bags of engagement to your TikTok profile.